Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)


At Bayside ABA we are taking many precautions to keep our staff and clients as safe and healthy as possible. We follow the CDC and Whatcom County Health Department guidelines for safety. These include: telehealth options, curbside drop-off, temperature checks, hand washing, requirement for staff to wear masks, and deep sanitization between clients. In addition, we are using UV light room sanitizers, UV light wand sanitizers, and UV/HEPA air cleaner. 



Bayside ABA offers individualized programs for children diagnosed with autism employing Applied Behavior Analysis (“ABA”), an evidence based and empirically proven methodology to help individuals with autism lead better and more productive lives.
Through the use of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and the principles of behavioral science, individuals with autism and other disabilities are taught to lead independent and productive lives to the absolute limits of their capabilities.




Tina Tarver, Director
Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Speech Language Pathologist

The first time I was fortunate enough to collaborate with a behavioral analyst was working with a child with autism as a speech pathologist in Bellingham.  The results were life changing for this child and myself.  Seeking more information about ABA Therapy, I reached out to the University of Washington Autism/BCBA programs and connected with Nancy Rosenberg, BCBA-D, and Director of one of the BCBA programs. Through our conversations, it became apparent that speech and ABA fit together extremely well.  I took this opportunity to further my credentials and become a BCBA in order to train and supervise ABA Therapists.

During my graduate coursework and BCBA certification process in Seattle, I was able to work with many children and families affected by autism spectrum disorders, and was fortunate to have Dr. Rosenberg as one of my professors as well as receiving monthly trainings from her.


Following this experience and working in the field with other behavior specialists in the Seattle area, I have become “family” with some of the best behavior professionals in the state. I have the desire and experience to serve our autism community in my own practice in both Bellingham and Seattle locations!

Allison Lingbloom, BCBA

Bellingham location

Vicki Ritchie, BCBA

Bellingham location

Mika Rollin, BCBA

Seattle location

Behavior Technicians/CBT's: Sherry Hawthorne (Lead), Bart Stull, Bobby Stull, Dave Bowen, Nicole Sterling, Joy Schwarting, and Jenilee Boyd.

Office/Insurance Billing: Cindy Maassen



Backed by many years of research, ABA is widely recognized to be the most effective treatment for autism. Your child's program is designed by our team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts and implemented with our Registered or Certified Behavior Technicians working under our BCBA’s and BCaBA's.  


ABA (applied behavior analysis) is a powerful research proven method of teaching children based on the science of behavior to make learning more effective. Though best known as an effective way to teach children with autism, ABA is effective with all learners.


ABA is not ABA without the collection of data which tracks children’s progress, the effectiveness of instruction, and every decision we make in regard to client programs. These data are always available for clients to view as part of your child’s program book and parents are encouraged to collect data at home as well.


What makes Applied Behavior Analysis effective in teaching and shaping behavior is the systematic way in which a child’s responding is reinforced and shaped. Behavioral principles are used at all times to maintain motivation to learn, desired/targeted behaviors are reinforced and maladaptive behaviors (those that impede learning and full participation in community settings) are shaped to more adaptive ones.



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